MegaMaze Amusement Center


  • Socks are mandatory at all time
  • No food/beverage in the mazes
  • Do not climb on the nets
  • Do not climb the slides
  • Wait for your turn in the mazes
  • Do not push or argue
  • No gum in the mazes
  • Do not run in the mazes
  • Adult presence is mandatory to monitor their child
  • You cannot leave and come back later without paying again
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen goods

Trampoline Rules

  • One person per trampoline
  • Walk slowly in the safety corridors between the trampolines to enter or leave
  • Perillous jumping are forbidden
  • Nothing in the mouth (gum, candy, etc.)
  • Remove any clothes or jewelry that would be an hazard (open zippers, long earrings, etc.)
  • No object, food or beverage in the trampolines (camera, ball, etc.)
  • Make safe acrobatics according to your abilities
  • Do not jump between trampolines
  • Do not jump if you are pregnant or have any physical limitations

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to reserve before coming as a family?
Absolutely not! We have enough space to welcome family and groups of all sizes.

MegaMaze Amusement Center